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Superior Effects

Computer and SAT Training - MOS Certified

We specialize in one on one training employing the Socratic method

Tutoring areas include:  

  • SAT Math
  • High School Math
  • High School Chemistry
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power Point
  • Outlook
  • Photo Shop


One on one tutoring can benefit students of all ages and abilities.  Research shows that one on one tutoring improves students’ grades, study skills, and confidence levels.  There are many situations in which private tutoring can be both beneficial and necessary.  Private tutoring can do more than benefit a student who is experiencing difficulty with a particular subject. 

Private tutoring:

  • helps students with learning disabilities
  • helps students who have performed poorly on yearly standardized tests. 
  • gives the benefit of personalized help, customized to the students needs and learning style
  • allows the student to progress at their own pace.

For Students:

Superior Effects Tutoring is dedicated to the student’s achievement. Tutoring from Superior Effects offers many advantages that will greatly aid in your child’s success:

  • Flexible schedule, 
  • Sessions take place in public facilities that provides a friendly atmosphere
  • Highly skilled, certified teachers with experience         
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Instruction is tailored to fit specific learning styles and needs
  • Sessions are free of competition—the student can learn at his or her own pace

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