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Superior Effects provides one-on-one tutoring in Math, Reading, Writing and Microsoft Office. We also offer homework help.

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All Superior Effects tutors have minimum of 4 years of successful tutoring experience consistently exceeding guaranteed results.

Why bother with tutoring?

1. SAT courses don’t work.

Does Tiger Woods have a swing coach? Do opera singers have a voice teacher? Of course they do. Ask yourself should I help my child do his or her best or just see what happens? You decide.

2. SAT prep courses cost too much.

A 30 hour course costs less than $2100.00. The Presidential Scholarship to SUNY@Buffalo covers all tuition, books and fees. The Provost Scholarships, start at $2,500 per year and depend on academic achievement and the cost of attendance. The cost of tutoring could be recovered 10 fold over the course of the a child's college life. For more information regarding scholarships at UB go to http://admissions.buffalo.edu/costs/meritscholarships.php.

3. My child’s score is high enough.

No matter what your child's SAT score is right now any improvement will open more college doors and more financial aid.

4. My child is too young to start the SAT process.

Each year, over 1.4 million high school students take the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, also known as the PSAT. This test helps you prepare for the SAT while determining your eligibility for a National Merit Scholarship. The PSAT offers you the chance to improve your test–taking skills with no negative consequences; your results will have no bearing on college admissions or your high school transcript. And if you do well, you could earn more than bragging rights – you could earn money for college. For more information regarding National Merit Scholarships, go to:


http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/about/scholarships.html, or


5. My child doesn’t have time to take a prep course.

What is more important than preparing for college? A part time job that pays $8.25 per hour? Going out with friends that we never see again? Let you and your child decide if 4 to 6 hours a week can be fit into the busy schedule.

6. My child’s school already offers an SAT course.

Are these group sessions? How do they differ from the math class that your child took while in high school? Does the class consist of one teacher and many students with different needs? What is the definition of insanity? Answer: doing the same thing and expecting a different result. If your child did not learn in a class room atmosphere why will he or she learn in a group session?

7. I want my child to make his or her own decisions.

Superior Effects offers a free one hour session to help the parent and the child decide if this is the program for you.

8. Can I wait and see if my child needs a course?

If the PSAT scores are not adequate then you should consider a course as soon as possible.

9. My child is an excellent student and won’t need a course.

Unfortunately, often the better students enrolled in advanced math courses need math refresher. Most of the math skills needed to do well on the SAT are taught in Grammar school. Often the advanced students are enrolled in an Algebra 3 course, the children are not tested on their knowledge of calculus and need a refresher to remind them how to solve geometry, algebra and arithmetic problems.

10. Guaranteed Results.

Upon successfully competing all SAT course requirements your child's SAT "super score" is guaranteed to improve at least:

150 points with 20 hours of tutoring

200 points with 30 hours of tutoring

250 points with 40 hours of tutoring

If your child fails to achieve the above improvement we will offer additional tutoring hours at no charge to you. If your child still fails to achieve the above improvement we will offer 100% money back guarantee.